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Hello and Welcome to Classroom Clipart, a site with an extensive collection of over 100,000 high quality and unique clipart, animated clipart,icons, photographs and illustrations. While our name is Classroom Clipart our goal is to provide great clipart, images and pictures to everyone. So, you maybe asking how can I use these images. Read below

How Can You Use These Images?

Here are the way the images can be used:

  1. Educational Use - Images to be used for educational use.
  2. Personal Use Membership - In the personal Membership you have the option of downloading a variety of sizes and types of images. Download PNG, TIFF, different sized JPG images as well as Transparent GIFS.
  3. Business Use Membership - same as the personal membership, however the image will be used to sell a product, book, printable (photo use restrictions apply).

Use Clipart:

  • Classroom Clipart - clipart can be used for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES provided these images are obtained from* .
  • Clipart in our collection can be used by Students and Teachers, Parents in print, multimedia, and video productions. Uses include school projects, web pages, newsletters, bulletin boards, posters and presentations. Images may not be re-purposed or changed. *Educational Use of images excludes the use of images beyond the teachers use in his or her classroom. The images may not be used for printable, lessons or similar educational content for sale or exchanged. The images may not be used to create apps or other electronic media.
  • The Clipart images are watermarked with a Classroom Clipart Logo/Copyright. The copyright or watermark must not be removed from the image. Thumbnail images without watermarks are still copyrighted.
  • When using the full size of the image or the thumbnail size of an image on a web site, a link must appear near the image. An example of the link: "Image Provided by Classroom Clipart" or Clipart provided by Classroomclipart

What you can't do:

  • You CANNOT redistribute or sell ANY clipart, illustrations, photographs, videos, animation also know was "Content."
  • Content from Classroom Clipart may NOT be sold or included or used in ANY image collection or partial image collection, this includes online clipart sites. Images may not appear in any Clipart Site or similar as a thumbnail or full image.
  • The images may not be used to create apps or other electronic media. This constitutes the illegal use of the image.
  • Create content for sale or use beyond personal use without a Commercial License.
  • Use image(s) as a part of commercial or advertisement.
  • Hot linking of images in not permitted and violates TOS as well as a violation of our copyright. Individual users, students, teachers, please download the image and do not hotlink.
  • The images used by Classroom Clipart are copyright protected by Classroom Clipart. Legal terms and conditions are applicable. You may not copy or reproduce the images (make derivative images).

Copyright Infringement:

  • The clipart created on Classroom Clipart is posted solely on Classroom Clipart. Any posting of Classroom Clipart images appearing on other "Clipart Sites" is posted illegally and is an infringement on our Copyright. It is important to know as a user of the Internet that so called Clipart Sites troll the Internet and basically steal images from others and then repost these images as their own. Sites illegally posting our images, thus infringing on our copyright open themselves up to both legal and monetary recourse.

Terms and Conditions Terms of Use. These are the terms and conditions that you must follow if you use the "Content" images at Classroom Clipart. The use of images from Classroom Clipart, indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. This site is owned and operated by Classroom Clipart. All content included on our site, such as clipart, animated clipart, photographs, illustrations, images, text, audio clips, video clips, and software is owned by Classroom Clipart or individual artists and photographers. Owners of the "Content" retain copyrights to these images ** (see below). "Content" (Images, clipart, animated clipart, video,illustrations and photographs are owned by Classroom Clipart. Classroom Clipart retains the ownership and copyright to the "Content". Images of identifiable third parties or individuals are subject to restrictions and may be used for educational purposes only. We do not own or sell the rights of third parties. Downloading any Content does not transfer title or any intellectual property rights therein, to you. By downloading or using any Clipart obtained from Classroom Clipart you accept our conditions and Terms of Use.

All Content is protected by US and international copyright laws. Excepting these uses, you may not reproduce, distribute, transmit, or otherwise exploit the Content. You may not include the Content in any other publication or product. The compilation (meaning the collection, arrangement and assembly) of all content on this site is the exclusive property of Classroom Clipart and protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.

Use - Licensing of Clipart Cost Quality Access
K-12 Students and Personal Use Free Single Download Options Complete
Personal Use - Multiple Download Options $19.00 year Multiple Download Options Complete
Business Use $299.00 year Multiple Download Options Complete
School and Public Library
Also available school and district site licenses. Contact for discounted prices.
$99.00 year Multiple Download Options Complete

Educational Use:

  • These images can be used for PERSONAL and EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.
  • K-12 students may use these images for school projects and reports.
  • Images in the Classroom Clipart collection may be used by teachers and students in print, multimedia, and video productions. Uses include, school projects, school web pages, newsletters, bulletin boards, posters, presentations and school contests.
    newsletters, bulletin boards, posters and presentations.
  • These images are watermarked with a Classroom Clipart Logo/Copyright. The copyright or watermark MUST NOT be removed from the image.
  • When using an image on a web page the image must include this link "Image Provided by Classroom Clipart" or Clipart provided by Classroom Clipart
  • Classroom Clipart retains all copyrights to these royalty free clip art images including modified, resized, and colorized versions of these royalty free images.
Example: Classroom Clipart Copyright Watermark

Education and Personal Use Subscription (Watermark Free Images) :

  • All above uses
  • Images are Watermark Free
  • Access to our Royalty-free collection of photographs, clipart and Illustrations and all new updates as they are added.
  • Download once and reuse the images.
  • Ideal for use in web pages, e-mail messages, presentations, school projects, business, power point presentation, newsletters and more.....
  • New Animated Clipart
  • Copyright logos removed
  • Full size version of images
  • No Advertisements

*** Discounted School District and School Site License Available contact

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Personal Membership
- One Year
Personal Use of images for Presentations, web pages, documents, newsletters, etc.
Academic Subscriptions: School/Library - One Year
5 User Names and passwords
Commercial Membership - One Year
Commercial Use of Images in a book or product. (Use restrictions may apply)
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