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Welcome to our United States category of Classroom Clipart. In this section you will find clipart related to the topic of United States

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American Revolution (511)
Assassination of Lincoln (27)
Cities (171)
Civil Rights (84)
Civil War (861)
Colonial America (630)
General (34)
Illustrations (456)
Immigration (15)
Indians (259)
Korean War (65)
Lewis and Clark (19)
Maps (44)
New (202)
New2 (65)
People (55)
Political Cartoons (99)
Political Systems (92)
Presidents (89)
Prohibition (12)
Ronald Reagan (28)
Slavery (1)
State Flags (57)
Suffrage (20)
The West (109)
Titanic (8)
Vietnam (10)
World War I (31)
World War II (352)
Wright Brothers (328)
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theodore roosevelt alice longworth photo
Assembly line at the Ford Motor Company
colonist destruction of tea at boston harbor
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Patrick Henry great speech on the rights of the colonies
John Paul Jones
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Arch Street Illustration
American bank note company Philadelphia

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