Classroom ClipArt’s Student Guide to
Saving Graphics from the Internet


Classroom Clipart provides a great resource for educational related photographs, clipart,
pictures and illustrations. These images can be used for your class projects.

How to Save an Image

1. Locate the image you would like to download.

2. Click on the right mouse button.

3.  A small menu will appear.

4.  On a PC Select SAVE IMAGE AS. ON a MAC select Download image to DISK.

5.  Save the image to your computer hard drive or floppy or network location.

How to Copy and Paste

You can use the COPY and then immediately PASTE the image into your document.

How to cite a resource from Classroom Clipart Online Image Collection

Citation Structure for ONLINE IMAGES
Author or originator. Description or title of image. [Online image] Date of document or download (day, month, year). URL <http://address/filename>.


Classroom Clipart. "Marine Life." [Online image] 23 October 2003.